July 14, 2016


Following the last Annual General Meeting and the appointment of a new board of trustees it was very clear to us that one of the key areas of focus was the MKJM Maktab. Although the MKJM Maktab has been running at a relatively good standard there are many areas of improvements that need to be implemented in order for us to meet our goal, which is to make the Maktab one of the best supplementary learning centres in Milton Keynes.

To achieve this will take time, dedication and a collective effort from all involved, including trustees, students, teachers and parents/guardians. This may also include changes to the format and structure and some difficult decisions will need to be made. As and when these decisions come around we will be holding consultation sessions to take on views, ideas and we really encourage you to participate in these sessions when they are announced.

For now, we would like to inform you of some of the work we have already completed which is primarily around policies, governance, regulatory requirements and teacher development programmes. The below list of policies have been drawn up and approved by the MKJM Board of Trustees. Over time all students will be issued with these policies to take home and have signed. Copies of the policies will be available online and upon request soon.

Policies and procedures

·         Child Protection Policy ·         Code of Conduct
·         Parent Responsibilities ·         Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure
·         Performance Assessments ·         Homework and Assignments
·         Attendance Policy ·         Dress Code
·         Emergency and Fire Procedure ·         Medication policy

Another major achievement for the MKJM Education team has been the Bronze Award accreditation by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE). The NRCSE is a national strategic and support organisation for the supplementary education sector across England. This award shows that MKJM have the policies and procedures in place to run safely and effectively. The next target is the Silver Award which we will be starting soon.

We hope this letter instils confidence with you regarding the work we are doing to improve the MKJM Maktab and we hope it confirms our commitment. Our approach is always transparent and we welcome any comments or feedback you may have. Please communicate with the teachers as a first point of contact in person or via letter. You may also email the MKJM Education team: educationteam@mkjameemasjid.org. For you reference, the education team members are Abu Talib, Akmal Hussain, Shah Azizur Rahman, Muhiuddin Ahmed, and all the teachers of MKJM.